The Web site, which can be searched for food companies, also offers information on the local-food sector. On the site, you can learn more about food tourism and the REKO networks, and tips are provided on entrepreneurship in the food industry and business-development opportunities.



Invitation to a conference on rural research

The 25th Conference on Rural Research will be held in Leppävirta, Eastern Finland, at Hotel Vesileppis on 31 August 2017. This year’s theme will be ‘countryside on our doorstep’.
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Knowing the producer is important to consumers buying local food

The popularity of local food is extending from a fad into something much more permanent.
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Finland´s national food is rye bread

Close contenders for the top spot included Karelian hot pot, Karelian pasties, and fried fish with mashed potatoes.
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The local food co-ordination project

The local food co-ordination project is a national initiative to increase and intensify collaboration amongst operators in the local food sector and to improve this sector´s competitiveness via networking.
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IndieFood brings together Finnish local food services in one location

The IndieFood local food guide introduces some 800 local food services from all over Finland.
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Introducing twelve protected Finnish products

Kitkan viisas, Sahti, Kalakukko, Lapin Puikula, Lapin Poron kylmäsavuliha, Puruveden muikku, Lapin Poron liha, Karjalanpiirakka, Lapin Poron kuivaliha and Kainuun rönttönen
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